The easiest way to Podcast

With Podbin you can publish and analyse Podcast to Apple, Spotify, Google and Alexa from one platform.

Create your Podcast now - for free!

Upload unlimited episodes, publish your show - free plan available.

Record your episode

Podbin's built-in web recorder allows you to record your episodes on your browser. This eleminates the necessity of having complicated setup and expensive software. No additional installation necessary.

Upload your recording

Your audio will be uploaded to the cloud and processed for delivery across the globe using the fastest content delivery network available. This gives your listener the best experience possible. You never have to worry about server space and storage management.

Publish everywhere

Once your episode is published on Podbin, it will automatically be distributed immediately to all listener via iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Amazon Alexa.

Grow your audience

Podbin makes audience tracking simple with easy to understand KPI on the dashboard. When you need to know more details about your listeners hop into the advanced analytics.